Dealing with Flat Pack Furniture Assembly? We Understand Your Frustration!

Dealing with Flat Pack Furniture Assembly? We Understand Your Frustration!

We have all done it at least once in our lives, whether it was while at university or when we bought our first house. It might have been a bookshelf, crib, dresser or entertainment stand. Whatever it was we’re sure it was a piece of furniture and it came from a box. You probably did just like everyone before you – rush out to purchase that perfect piece of furniture and then rush home to put it together only to end the night frustrated and disappointed. Here are some tips that may help with your next project.

That compressed wood look alike material all packaged neatly inside a box that will never fit those same pieces again, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes putting together furniture from a box can be easy as pie, but more times than not it can be a headache. Don’t get us wrong, we love boxed furniture because we’ve now mastered the art of putting it together.

The directions the company provides just never seems to give enough details. Nothing is more frustrating than being sure you’re putting everything together perfectly, only to discover near the end that half of it was put together backward with the unfinished side facing forward. That is definitely not something you want to deal with.

When you purchase a piece of furniture from a box you honestly don’t expect things to be so difficult. Well, in order to help you out we have compiled a list of tips that may make your experience better than those most people tell us about.

  • Open the product completely, lay out all the pieces and screws, nails, and other hardware so that you can stand above it and see every single piece easily.
  • Save that box! The pictures on the box are really helpful reference points if you run into issues.
  • Read the directions, sit down where you can focus and read the directions slowly and carefully. Read them fully before you jump into the project. Most people learn this lesson the hard way.
  • Gather any tools you might need, such as a screwdriver, drill, hammer, etc. Place these tools with the materials lying on the floor.
  • Check all the pieces for numbers or letters. Most companies will label the pieces for you, that way when you read the directions you can find the pieces more easily.
  • Have a buddy. Get a friend or spouse to help you. It is much easier to have someone read you the directions step by step as you are assembling the pieces. Plus an extra set of eyes and hands could come in handy.
  • Do not be in a hurry, don’t get distracted and take your time. This will help eliminate mess ups.

We hope these tips help you the next time you put together flat pack furniture. If you have any other tips let us know in a comment or via email, especially if you found some ways to make it an easier process.

We are available to help with flat pack furniture assembly in the West Yorkshire area. No project is too big or too small, and we fully understand the frustration that comes along with opening the box and trying several times to make all of the pieces go together properly. We also understand that many homeowners simply don’t have time to fool with such things and want them put together quickly. Call us to discuss your flat pack furniture and how we can help you quickly and efficiently assemble it.