What Should Come First? Woodwork or Wall Painting?

What Should Come First? Woodwork or Wall Painting?

Some renovation projects do not require any cutting, knocking down of walls or major installations. A lot of them are done on a small scale, involving cosmetic changes meant to revitalize the look of the interior. Choosing new colours for the home is an inexpensive way to give it a much needed visual boost. But what should do you do when both your walls and wood surfaces need some attention if you are unable to handle them at the same time?

First off, you should know that there are no real rules to making this type of decision. In fact, different decorators may have varying views on which one you should tackle first. Here is one possible scenario; your colours may be in dire need of an update, but the walls are still in passable condition. At the same time, the wooden surfaces may be in pretty bad shape with obvious fading and maybe some scratches. Obviously, the wood needs attention first, and you can get to the painting at another time. However, the factors you have to consider do not stop there.
Each job comes with its own challenges, and working on one area could easily affect the other. Imagine having newly refinished floor and cabinets, then deciding to work on your walls. A small spill of paint or paint thinner could prove problematic. If you’re trying to do the job on your own, you also have to consider the possibility of scuffing the floor as you move around to work. Professional painters will have the necessary material to protect the floors and cabinets from spills and other damages.

Sanding the floors can create its own problems for an interior that has a fresh coat of paint. You will have to clean the walls and other surfaces to get rid of dust caused by the sander. If you are going to do both tasks, it is usually better to start with the floors, and then move on to the walls. That way, the first stage of the process would be cleaning the walls before moving on to the painting.

To get the best results and the most for your money, talk to one of our painters who can explain what these jobs entail. You will also need one with the experience to minimize the inconvenience that comes with these types of jobs. Phone us at

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